Smilja Stoiljkovic , Operations at Soprex, d.o.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • 21.02.2013 Thursday (13:30 - 16.00)

Established in 2003 Soprex is a reliable software development company that has successfully completed a wide variety of high profile both public and private projects.

Our team consists of almost 30 highly qualified and motivated professionals lead by experienced and knowledgeable Directors and Senior Staff who continuously ensure Soprex can deliver an innovative 'Total Software Solution' for each of our clients.

Our capabilities include:

• Business Analysis
• Manufacturing Automation
• System and Technical Analysis
• Process Modeling and Simulation
• Enterprise Systems integration
• Web Application Design and Development
• Application performance optimization
• Database Design, Optimization and Administration
• Nearshore Custom Development
• Consulting and Training
• Expert Customer Support
• IT and Software Project Management (AGILE – SCRUM)

Our technical expertise include:

• Languages: C#, ASP.NET, SQL, JavaScript
• Platforms: .NET, MFC, IIS
• Framework: ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint
• Database: MS SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL
• Architecture: n-Tier, Web, Client Server, Distributed Application, Component-Based Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Stand-alone

Furthermore, Soprex owns ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates, and it’s certified by the leading UK quality association UKAS.

We continue to seek new partners who share our company vision and who will contribute to our continued growth and prosperity.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 26-50

Founding Year: 2004

Phone: + 381 11 30 37 363


City: Belgrade 11070,Takovska 45a Google map

Areas of Activities

Discrete Manufacturing


      Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media


          Business Services

            Programming Languages


              Software Development

              We develop, test and support commercial software products / solutions in shortest possible time and within planned budget. Soprex builds scalable and flexible solutions to allow for future modifications. Whether you are looking for a web-based software application, desktop application or any other software product, our reliable and professional software development team can provide design and development as well as maintenance services.

              Our software development services include:

              • Enterprise solutions development (We can provide the best-practice custom solutions due to our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other business domains.)

              • Web development (rich with features, sites and portals for corporate and internet focused projects: E-commerce, Online Servicing, Order Processing and much more.)

              • Desktop application development (Cross-platform standalone and client-server business applications ensure stable functioning, high performance and usability.)

              • Mobile application development (Soprex can help you extend your sales, customer service and marketing efforts to the most popular mobile platforms, such as Android, Windows Mobile, and others.)

              • Embedded systems and other low-level programming applications (device interfaces development, custom driver development and high-performance applications design.)

              • SaaS solutions development (Including custom plug-in development and integration for SaaS solutions you may already use or plan to use.)

              Keywords: commercial softwaresoftware developmententerpriseecommercee-commerceorderapplicationmobile applicationSaaS
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Outsourcing co-operation
              2. Technical co-operation
              3. Manufacturing agreement
              4. Sales / Distribution


              We help companies derive maximum value from software outsourcing. Our outsourcing has proved to be especially useful for:

              • Result-oriented, budget-conscious companies wanting to automate business processes in order to maintain competitive advantage and keep IT costs down

              • Companies in need of custom made uncommon software applications

              • Software companies looking to decrease software development time

              • High tech start-ups seeking to build product on a limited development budget

              • Companies looking to set up an offshore development center

              • Software companies with a desire to offload maintenance and upgrades of existing products, freeing the in-house developers to build new products

              • Software development groups looking to add technical resources to their in-house team without the time-consuming hassles of hiring and training

              Keywords: C#ASP.NETSQLJavaScript.NETMFCIISASP.NET MVCSharePointMS SQL ServerSQLiten-TierWeb
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Outsourcing co-operation
              2. Technical co-operation
              3. Manufacturing agreement
              4. Sales / Distribution
              Cooperation Requested
              1. Outsourcing co-operation

              Inventory Analysis and Reporting System

              Inventory Analysis and Reporting System helps companies reduce retention of materials and equipment on stock by providing information based on which manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other participants in a logistics chain can make appropriate decisions regarding inventory levels for certain products. It is a tool management can use to gain insight into inventory and to pinpoint specific products for which optimization could be done successfully.

              Through inventory analysis and comparative reports the management gets a clear picture of the inventory trends (identifying products the company should have in stock, as well as products that are overstocked and under stocked.) Using complex calculations and analysis this system transforms simple raw data into customized reports and recommendations which help management determine the maximum and minimum stock levels.

              Keywords: inventorystockplanninganalysisreportingoptimizationstock planning
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Sales / Distribution
              2. Manufacturing agreement
              3. Technical co-operation
              4. Outsourcing co-operation

              Pricing and Quoting System

              It enables companies of all sizes to assemble detailed customized quotes efficiently and quickly. Pricing and Quoting System has seamless integration with customer database and price database. To suggest a quote the system performs complex calculations and takes into consideration multitude of parameters including individual contract terms, expenses, pricelists and customer sales history. Some of the features include:

              • Customer Relationship Management (CRM System)

              • ERP Integration

              • Highly personalized pricing

              • Proposal generating

              • Order generating

              • Contract administration

              • Customer negotiation process support

              • Approval process

              • Profit analysis

              • Sales statistics

              • Customer based price history

              • Data warehousing

              • Competitors prices information handling

              • Customized reports

              • Data Import/Export

              • Global support (Multi-Currency, Multi-Language, Multi-Location)

              • Both web and desktop access support

              • High scalability and customization

              • Specific request support

              Keywords: quotequotingCRMpricingsalesanalysisanalyticsordersalessaledata warehousing
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Sales / Distribution
              2. Manufacturing agreement
              3. Technical co-operation
              4. Outsourcing co-operation

              Customer Stratification Solution

              Is a tool that uses technology and automation to clearly identify truly profitable customers based on multitude of factors helping companies focus on the right customers to gain strategic advantage.

              Customer Stratification Software Solution performs complex calculations in order to categorize customers based on their:

              - Buying power

              - Loyalty and

              - Profitability

              - Cost-to-serve (CTS)

              This solution can help you understand customers by providing unbiased information derived from complex scientific calculations based on readily available raw facts. The system can help you:

              - Optimize prices

              - Improve inventory management

              - Identify growth potentials

              - Enhance sales efforts

              - Increase marketing efficiency

              - Develop adequate customer strategies

              Keywords: customerbuyerstratificationCRMoptimizeoptimization
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Outsourcing co-operation
              2. Technical co-operation
              3. Manufacturing agreement
              4. Sales / Distribution