Bosko Milosavljevic , ceo at ION Solutions

Bilateral Meetings

  • 21.02.2013 Thursday (13:30 - 16.00)

ION Solutions has a proven record in customization and integration of TotalObserver for middle sized and enterprise property owners. Offering services ranging from process identification and analysis, through software customization and integration, including training and support, ION offers full turnkey solutions in this field of work.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 11-25

Founding Year: 2004

Phone: +381214754424


City: Novi Sad 21000,Laze Kostica 7 Google map

Areas of Activities

Agriculture, Mining


      Business Services


          Programming Languages


            Software development and customisation

            We offer full range of activities related to the business analysis, customisation, integration, training and maintenance of software solutions related to the property management, facility management, energy management and related. We have proven record of accomplished projects.

            Keywords: business analysissoftware developmentcustomisationjoint venture projects
            Cooperation Offered
            1. Outsourcing co-operation
            2. Technical co-operation
            Cooperation Requested
            1. Technical co-operation
            2. Sales / Distribution
            3. Investment/Financing

            Property and Facility management software projects

            Interested in co-operation in the field of property, facility and asset management software projects. Our company is for 7 years working in the field of software development of the software product TotalObserver. We have proven record of accomplished projects and clients. Looking for the joint venture projects with the aim of customization of present solution for new markets and new clients.

            TotalObserver is an integrated software solution designed to assist in managing properties, office space, equipment, assets, vehicles, etc. With characteristics such as modularity, security and robustness it presents a user-friendly tool to enable the processes of space management, assets management, resources management and maintenance management.
            Property management software TotalObserver addresses all the activities related to the property maintenance team, support staff, accounting department, supply chain, etc.
            It provides tools and reports indented to help in daily activities as well as to serve as a support for the establishment of repetitive and predictable processes, for the establishment of benchmarking and serves as a main source for generating savings.

            TotalObserver offers a full range of tools and reports that should support the management team of different levels to accomplish their daily, monthly and long-term tasks. These reports are organized in following groups:
            • reports related to property – central database for allocation of all the assets;
            • reports related to maintenance – the manager is able to track all the activities of internal and external working staff, to get knowledge about amount, level and duration of problems;
            • email daily notification – distributed via email, appears in inbox before the start of a working day. Puts in focus upcoming activities for the upcoming working day and thus organizes the whole team which results in increase of performance;
            • financial reports – all the expenses and incomes are traced and organized in a way to provide budgeting and other important information;
            • other reports – different cross context reports;

            We have clients from following markets: shopping malls, office buildings, public buildings, hospitals, insurance and banking offices, maintenance providers, power distribution companies, etc.

            Keywords: property managementfacility managementasset management
            Cooperation Offered
            1. Sales / Distribution
            2. License agreement
            3. Technical co-operation